Tsutomu Doita is the 2015 Japan Grand Monopoly Champion and competed at the 2015 World Championship in Macau in September 2015.

Tsutomu's bio from the 2015 World Championship Press Kit:

Tsutomu (28 years old) has been playing MONOPOLY for about 20 years. He owns about 40 different MONOPOLY boards and his favorite is the Japanese regional versions which Japan Monopoly Association produced in 2010 because he was born in Yokohama. His strategy is to understand the counterpart’s needs, bring a tough negotiation, and maintain an optimistic attitude. His favorite part of MONOPOLY is that it’s like the real business world. Everything is unstable, no one knows the future, but we have to make many big decisions. He says the most fun comes from having the ability to evaluate the value of assets in his own way.