Spain held the 2015 Spain MONOPOLY Championship on May 31, 2015, in Madrid. María Neus Alonso Gil, a 29 year old from Valencia, defeated the field of 24 competitors and represented Spain at the 2015 World Championship in Macau.[1]

To qualify for the 18 "digital" spots in the national championship, you had to earn points on an online app for the official Monopoly Facebook page for Spain: 18 out of 24 total players were selected from the online app, and the other 6 players included former national champions and former national competitors.

Additional rules for the competition are located here.

On the Spain Facebook page, confirmed digital players for the 2015 Championship included[2]:

They also listed these players as tentative, but unconfirmed as of May 19, 2015:

  • Eva ML
  • Mari Palomeque Panizza
  • Jose Planelles
  • Yago Audisio

Here is an interview with winner Neus Alonso: