The Peachtree City Monopoly Tournament has held nine annual tournaments, and is one of the largest tournaments that operates on a regular basis. 

In recent years, the tournament has started with two 75-minute qualifying rounds. You had to win one of your two matches in the qualifying rounds to advance to the quarterfinals. From there forward, the winner of each table advanced to the semi-finals, and then again to the finals. All matches were 75 minutes long, and no player played the same player twice in the qualifying rounds. Some qualifying tables had matches of 3 players and some had 4 players. If a player won both of their qualifying round matches, they had the option to award a spot in the quarterfinals to another player since they would have earned two of the 64 spots.

The winner's prize is $100. 2nd place received $50, and 3rd and 4th place both received $25.

Brian West is the current champion (2017). He has won the tournament a total of three times. The tournament was most recently held inside Los Mariachis restaurant in Peachtree City, GA, and had a field of almost 128 players.

Notable players who have played in this tournament who have also competed at the national level or higher included 2015 US Representative Brian Valentine, Ken Koury, and John Meyer.

The full list of results was provided by the tournament organizer, Eric Imker.

Year Champion 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
2009 Darren Siegerdt Micah Mysercough Jim Coe Mitch Furtner
2010 Matt Griffin Michael Marchand Peter Mayhew Jacob Nails
2011 Chris Allessio Larry Smith Michael Marchand Donette Toussaint
2012 Jill Rennie Brian Valentine Gideon Jowers Aaron Grayson
2013 Brian West Greg Wallis Evan Shanahan Lisa Hansen
2014 Brent Huang Q Robertson Jordan Schumacher Brian West
2015 Brian West Osman Faruqi Sarah Toussaint Reggie Root
2016 Rocky Xu Carol Allessio James Crowe Carter Lau
2017 Brian West Matt Griffin Osman Faruqi Melvin Respress