Natalie Fitzsimons is the 2015 United Kingdom & Ireland Monopoly Champion and competed at the 2015 World Championship in Macau in September 2015.

Natalie Fitzsimons, a software developer, who had entered with and beat her husband in the regional heats, won the 2015 UK & Ireland Championship after a tense hour and a half-long final against three other opponents.

In interviews, she said she had not played competitively before, but that she had picked up some useful tips from playing family and friends. These included “mortgaging everything,” sticking with three or four houses and leaving Park Lane – the least landed on Monopoly square on UK editions of the game - alone. [1]


UK & Ireland Champion Natalie Fitzsimons in Macau

Natalie's bio from the 2015 World Championship Press Kit:

Natalie (24 years old) has been playing MONOPOLY casually with family and friends, but the first time she played MONOPOLY in a competitive environment was at the UK and Ireland Championships, where she beat her own husband en route to a tournament victory. She says at the end of the day, the dice must be on your side; there is a lot of luck involved in winning. A few of her tips include being generous to other competitors, using jail as your friend, and mortgaging houses to free up cash flow.