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Unlike most countries, Japan runs its own Monopoly Association. It has regular annual championships, and typically, a grand championship held the same year as as a World Championship to determine who will represent the country at the Worlds. The 2016 Japan Championship took place November 6, 2016 in Nara. One of the 2016 preliminary events was held October 23, 2016, in Tokai, and a second was held November 5th in Nara.[1] [2]

Tsutomu Doita won the last Grand Championship on June 14th, 2015.[3] Japan's Grand Champion in 2009 was Takahiro Ishii.

Incomplete List of Japan's Grand ChampionsEdit

2009 Takahiro Ishii
2015 Tsutomu Doita


Incomplete List of Japan's Annual ChampionsEdit

Year Won Annual Championship

2001 植田 幹浩 Ueda MikiHiroshi
2002 井元 哲也 Tetsuya Imoto
2003 表寺 修 Omotetera Osamu
2004 篠塚 博文 Ishii HoHiroshi
2005 石井 方宏 Ishii HoHiroshi
2006 大木 勝裕 Katsuhiro Oki
2007 石川 隆紀 Ishikawa RyuOsamu
2008 石川 隆紀 Ishikawa RyuOsamu
2009 名古 憲司 Ken Koen
2010 中原 健太郎 Nakahara Kentaro


山本 尚意 Yamamoto Naoi
2012 山本 尚意 Yamamoto Naoi
2013 大久保 峰夫 Okubo Mineo
2014 土井田 勉 Doi fields Tsutomu
2015 山本 尚意 Yamamoto Naoi
2016 縣 智之さん Agata Tomoyuki


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