Greece had 6 regional tournaments on May 23, 2015 to determine who would compete at the 2015 Greece Championship, which took place May 30, 2015 in Athens. The winner, Dimitrios Botsios of Ioannina, defeated the other 5 regional champions, and competed at the 2015 World Championship in Macau.

According to Hasbro's Facebook page, more than 200 players competed in regionals held in Athens, Thessaloniki (Tsimiski), Patras, Ioannina, Volos and Chania.[1]

Name Region Won Place
Dimitrios Botsios Ioannina 1st - 2015 Champion
Jeremiah Stelios Volos 2nd
Katseli Helen Chania 3rd
Economou Vasilis Thessaloniki 4th
Sakellaropoulos Constantine Patra 5th
Stavrou Vasileios Athens 6th

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