The most recent France MONOPOLY Championship was held in February 2017, in Cannes. Philippe Pinoli was the winner; he had also previously been the French champion in 2015 and 2016 and competed at the 2015 World Championship. [1]

The next France Championship will take place October 26-28, 2018 in Toulon as part of the Palais des Jeux et du Jouet Games Festival ( ).

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From 2015, all championships have been played using the speed die.

Year Winner Location
2018 TBD Toulon
2017 Philippe Pinoli Cannes
2016 Philippe Pinoli Toulon
2015 Philippe Pinoli Cannes
2007 Louis Palligiano
2004 Anne Lodato
2000 Christophe Berthier
1996 Jean-François Perrier
1992 Thomas Johannes
1980 Bernard Lutz
1975 P. Millet

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Starting in 2017, the annual tournament in Toulon (which was the venue for the 2016 France Championship) has become the Toulon Open. Philippe Pinoli served as judge and also played in the tournament. The tournament was won by Romain Fauroux. See the 2017 Toulon Open page for more details. In 2018, the Toulon Open will also be the French Championship.