Brian Valentine was the 2015 US Monopoly Representative and competed at the 2015 World Championship in Macau in September 2015.

Brian's bio from the 2015 World Championship Press Kit:

Brian (30 years old) has been playing MONOPOLY for 25 years. He owns 15 MONOPOLY game boards, with his favorite being his Franklin Mint Deluxe Edition which features gold tokens and wood casing. Valentine’s winning strategy involves dealing fast and aiming for 100-percent success, and bankrupting all opponents. He draws on his extensive knowledge of MONOPOLY data during play, while also trusting instincts gained from his many years of playing the game. He likes that there are no two identical games of MONOPOLY ever played and every turn brings new possibilities.

He also has a career in teaching science, and the agility and tenacity of a jungle cat. His YouTube channel has a total of 6 subscribers!!! You can reach him through his Twitter page @youngpecan .

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