Aleksander Kovalev (Александр Ковалёв) is the 2015 Russia Monopoly Champion and competed at the 2015 World Championship in Macau in September 2015.

Чемпион России по "Монополии" Александр Ковалёв (07.0705:35

Чемпион России по "Монополии" Александр Ковалёв (07.07.15)

Interview with Aleksander Kovalev (in Russian)

Aleksander's bio from the 2015 World Championship Press Kit:

Aleksander (26 years old) is relatively new to the MONOPOLY game, playing only for the past year. His favorite token to use during play is the shoe. Aleksander winning MONOPOLY strategy can only be described as “The Hidden Snail.” To prepare himself mentally for competing in the MONOPOLY World Championship he has visualized victory every day.

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