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The 2015 Japan Championship was held at Harukasu Abeno, Osaka on June 13, 2015 as part of their annual national convention. Then the next day, the national winners since 2009 competed in the 2015 Japan Grand Championship to determine who would represent Japan at the 2015 World Championship.[1] Tsutomu Doita won the 2015 Grand Championship on June 14th.[2]

These are some of the people who competed at the 2015 Japan Grand Championship:[3]

Year Won Annual Championship

Name Finish
2010 中原 健太郎 Nakahara Kentaro
2011 & 2012 山本 尚意 Yamamoto Naoi
2013 大久保 峰夫 Okubo Mineo
2014 土井田 勉 Doi fields Tsutomu
2015 山本 尚意 Yamamoto Naoi

See below for a table of all 2015 Japan regionals according to[4]

Date Region City Winner
March 8 Kyushu Fukoka ?
March 29 Tohoku Akita Hiroshi Ishii


April 12 Hokkaido Sapporo Kanaya Momoru


May 3 Kinki Osaka Jun-ichi Takahashi?[7]
May 4 Tokai Nagoya Hiroshi Nishimoto?[8]
May 10 Kanto Tokyo Tsujimoto Takashi


May 17 Hokuriku Fukui, Sabae Ishida Toru


June 7 Last Chance Tourney Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi Inoue Saint & Ken-Ichiro Suzuki [11]

Additional details of how one qualified for Japan's tournaments can be found on their webpage:

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