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The 2015 Canada MONOPOLY Championship took place May 1-2, 2015, at the Design Exchange in Toronto. Andrea Cameron of Ontario defeated the field of 48 and will represent Canada at the 2015 World Championship in Macau.

Interested players qualified on ; The first 48 to take the 20-question quiz on MONOPOLY strategy, rules, and general probabilities, and earn a score of 80% or higher correct were invited to participate, with 12 alternates selected in case of no-shows.

The prize was $10,000 CAD and a trip to the 2015 World Championship in Macau, China for the winner. 2nd place received $2,500 CAD, and 3rd and 4th place each received $1,000 CAD.

They used the speed die and $1500 starting cash; there were no major changes to the rules from the 2009 Canada Championship. They played 3 preliminary rounds on Day 1, followed by a Final Round on Day 2.  Phil Orbanes served as Chief Judge. [1]


Photo from @HasbroNews on Twitter

Players who CompetedEdit

Place Name
1st - Champion Andrea Cameron
2nd - Final Table William "Bill" Kanichis
3rd - Final Table Michel Content
4th - Final Table Mark Oxer
Will Lusby, Defending Champion (2009)
Leon Vandendooren, 2004 Champion
Matt Anness
Jean-Marc Assaad
Paul Assaad
Andre Bellavance-Toupin
Dave Blizzard
Craig Briggs
Rick Campanelli
Christopher Cherepuschak
Caroline Clarke
Justin Cormier
Daniel Feldheim
Tony Folino
Geoffery Gibson
Sarah Gibson
Karen Gill
Prentiss Glazier
Ron Hart
Mark Johnson
Nick Karamaritis
Eddie Kim
Christian Lausberg
Steve Marcille
Richard Martinelli
Troyan Mason
Mike Morden
Nick Nicolaou
Stavros Papavasiliou
Antonios Peridis
Craig Perry
Stephen Preston
Joshua Primmer
Michel Proulx
Anthony Rein
Bret Rivard
Jean-Claude Salama
Alissa Sauder
Benjamin Simmonds
Christian Stone
Jonathan Tep
Nick Torkos
Maxwell Vo
Sean Zimmer

If you know the finishing place of the players who are currently listed without a final place, please add them (ideally with a reference of some type)!