The 2015 Australia Monopoly Championship took place May 15, 2015 at the Justice and Police Museum in Sydney, Australia. Several past state and national champions were invited to the tournament, and others qualified by taking a timed 20-question quiz at A total of 24 contestants competed for the championship.

Tony Shaw finished on top and won a trip to compete at the 2015 World Championship in September in Macau.[1] Defending Champion (2009) Leon Hechtman did not participate.

Four players who were in attendance as alternates got to participate in the tournament, including Alicia Hind.[2]

Players in order of finishEdit

Place Name Hometown
1st - Champion Tony Shaw Brisbane, QL
2nd Place - Final Table[3] David Romeo
3rd Place - Final Table[4] Michael Hicks
4th Place - Final Table[5] Daniel Bryant
5th Place Christopher Harrison Parramatta, NSW
6th Place Gerard Abideen Canberra, ACT
7th Place Geoff Masters Liverpool, NSW
7th Place Dominick Lewis
9th Place Andrew Drake
9th Place Anthony Jucha Sydney, NSW
11th Place Joel Kelly
11th Place Sarah Jucha
11th Place Marcus Krieger
14th Place Alexander Jenner-O'Shea Wayville, SA
15th Place Iain Neilson
16th Place Patrick Kennedy
17th Place Kelly Altair Werribee, VIC
18th Place Mohammad Shakhtour
19th Place Jordan Vouroudis
20th Place Alicia Hind NSW
21st Place Jessica Bolden
22nd Place Matthew Sforcina
22nd Place Brendon Entrekin Perth, WA
24th Place (DQ) Timothy Hawes Blue Mountains, NSW

Reference for place is photo of results taken by Anthony Jucha -

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