The 2009 United Kingdom Championship took place at the May Fair Hotel in London on May 26, 2009. John Broomfield was the victor. Three one-hour preliminary rounds were held, followed by a final round. The speed die was used with $1500 starting cash.

To determine who would compete at the national championship, regionals were held in Bournemouth (Sep 4, 2008), Birmingham (Aug 16, 2008), Skegness (Oct 28, 2008), and Blackpool (Oct 30, 2008). The four players at each regional with the highest scores were invited to particpate. 2004 Champion Adrian Prince was given an automatic entry to the 2009 championship, as well as a few additional players who were invited to participate by Hasbro (see below).

List of Competing PlayersEdit

Place Name Regional and Place
1 - Champion John Broomfield Skegness - 4th
2 - Final Table
2 - Final Table
2 - Final Table
Anne Connolly Birmingham - 1st
Duncan Logan Birmingham - 2nd
Micah Ford-Simpson Birmingham - 3rd
David Andy Shellis Birmingham - 4th
Mike Grabsky Bournemouth - 1st
Graham Simm Bournemouth - 2nd
Anthony Marsh Bournemouth - 3rd
Paul Foord Bournemouth - 4th
Phillip Wade Skegness - 1st
Samantha Walsh Skegness - 2nd
David Hudson Skegness - 3rd
Alan Farrell Blackpool - 1st
Gary Brown Blackpool - 2nd
Warren Hendon Blackpool - 3rd
Richard Bailey Blackpool - 4th
Adrian Prince, 2004 Champion Automatic Entry
Frank Huson Invited
Josef Koller Invited
Ian Brown Invited

A Junior Championship was also held. The three competitors were Nathaniel Griffin, Emma Armstrong, and Myrddin Hands. Lawrence Bartlett qualified from Birmingham but did not compete.

The Hasbro website documenting the 2008 Regionals and 2009 UK Championship can be found here: