The 1st Annual Peachtree City Tournament was held on May 2, 2009 at the Towne Club in Peachtree City, Georgia. Darren Siegerdt was the champion of the 30 player field. His prize was $100. 2nd place received $50, and 3rd and 4th place both received $25.


The 2009 Peachtree City tournament finalists

The tournament took place over 3 rounds. The 10 winners of the Round 1 games plus 6 additional players who didn't win their table but had the highest remaining combined asset totals advanced to the semi-final. In the semi-final (Round 2), each of the 4 table winners then advanced to the final table.

The full list of players and their results was provided by the tournament organizer, Eric Imker.

Player Name 1st Round Table Advanced to Semis? Advanced to Finals? Final Place
Darren Siegerdt 4 Y Y 01 - Champion
Micah Myerscough 6 Y Y 02
Jim Coe 1 Y Y 03
Mitch Furtner 4 Y Y 04
Carol Allessio 1 Y N 05
Jim Nails 4 Y N - His semifinal game was played by Jacob Nails 06
Sandra Woods 3 Y N 07
Jefferey Illg 8 Y N 08
Chris Reid 3 Y N 09
Russell Davis 10 Y N 10
Alexander Amalfitano 6 Y N 11
Joe Bernth 8 Y N 12
Matt Griffin 5 Y N 13
Nick Freese 7 Y N 14
Phil Smith 2 Y N 15
Debbie Imker 9 Y N - Her quarterfinal game was played by Leslie-Anne Harris 16
Rebecca Fulton 7 N N 17
Leslie-Anne Harris 1 N N 18
Jason Gutherie 2 N N 19
Bob Graham 3 N N 20
Gail Furtner 7 N N 21
John Merrick 10 N N 22
Larysa Pushkar 5 N N 23
Chris Allessio 9 N N 24
Alison Smith 10 N N 25
Valerie Wilson 8 N N 26
Michael Allessio 6 N N 27
Swan Davis 5 N N 28
Jacob Nails 2 N N 30
Shane Wilson 9 N N 30

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