The twelfth Canada MONOPOLY Championship took place May 28-30, 2009 at the Montreal Science Centre in Montreal. Will Lusby defeated the field of 48 and represented Canada at the 2009 World Championship in Las Vegas.

To qualify, interested players took an online Monopoly quiz. The first 48 to complete the 20-question quiz on MONOPOLY strategy, rules, and general probabilities, and earn a score of 80% or higher correct were invited to participate, with 12 alternates selected in case of no-shows.

The prize for winning was $10,000 CAD and a trip to the 2009 World Championship in Las Vegas.

They used the speed die and $1500 starting cash; this was the first time Canada used the Speed Die in a championship. They played 3 preliminary rounds during Days 1 and 2, followed by a Final Round on Day 3. Phil Orbanes served as Chief Judge. Leon Vandendooren, the 2004 Canadian Champion, was given an automatic entry to the championship to defend his title. Paul the Intern from MTV Canada was given a seat as a press player.

Players in order of FinishEdit

Place Name Hometown
1 - Champion Will Lusby Ottawa, ON
2 - Final Table Leon Vandendooren Edmonton, AB
2 - Final Table Eddie Kim Mississauga, ON
2 - Final Table Jose MacPherson Mississauga, ON
5 Nick Seretis Thornhill, ON
6 Ken Nichols Edmonton, AB
7 Richard Martinelli St. Catharines, ON
8 Prentiss Glazier Toronto, ON
9 Caroline Clarke Newmarket, ON
10 Nick Karamaritis Beeton, ON
11 William "Bill" Kanichis Schomberg, ON
11 Cheryl Conely Ajax, ON
11 Daniel Feldheim Toronto, ON
11 Dave Blizzard Calgary, AB
11 Jean-Claude Salama Notre Dame, QC
11 Michelle Matias Winnipeg, MB
11 Nick Torkos Thornhill, ON
11 Paul Assaad Dollard-des Ormeaux, QC
11 Richard Hautcoeur Ottawa, ON
11 Troyan Mason Edmonton, AB
21 Jorel Sumbler Niagara Falls, ON
21 Ryan Coulombe Dunham, QC
23 Alain Ackad Saint Laurent, QC
23 Melody Hanslip The Pas, MB
23 Susan Gopaulsingh Toronto, ON
26 Jean-Marc Assaad Montreal, QC
27 Alex Melconian Toronto, ON
28 Anae Lewis Montreal, QC
29 Mike Rosenberg Toronto, ON
30 Amanda Conely Ajax, ON
30 Ashley Hunda Sudbury, ON
30 Benoit Dinello Lachin, QC
30 Brian Levia Chateauguay, QC
30 Chirstopher Levia Chateauguay, QC
30 Craig Briggs Edmonton, AB
30 Jean-Guy Brin Toronto, ON
30 Keith Gopaulsingh Toronto, ON
30 Matthew Zeppa North York, ON
30 Nikolaus Feser Winnipeg, MB
30 Patrice Charbonneau Candiac, QC
30 Patrick Croteau Montreal, QC
30 Paul the Intern
30 Rebecca Flocari Montreal, QC
30 Richard Kim Mississauga, ON
30 Robert Seymour Newmarket, ON
30 Ron Hart Toronto, ON
30 Steve Foster Dartmouth, NS
30 Tony Folino Niagara Falls, ON

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